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  • Doris Ehrmann

    Doris is a biologist with more than 25 years of professional experience within the life science industry and as a certified business coach, specializing in the coaching and development of executives from the life sciences industry. Doris Ehrmann will be writing blogs on the topics "Values ​​& Ethics" as well as "Coaching & Training". Doris’ private interests include climbing, geocaching, cycling and martial arts films, most preferably done together with her family.
  • Giordano Righi

    His many years of experience in the areas of specialist recruiting, intercultural management and business start-ups will be incorporated into Giordano Righi’s blog entries. Look forward to his contributions on the topics "Life Sciences Trends", "The Labour Market of the Future", "Business Management" and "Recruiting Trends". Giordano is a fan of the football team 1.FC Cologne, likes to play with his children and is a gourmet of Italian, Thai and Peruvian cuisine.
  • Mathias Roehder

    As a long-term executive with experience in various market-leading recruitment companies, Mathias Roehder is perfectly suited to examine the labour market in great detail and to describe potential developments. Hence, the topic of his blog discusses "The labour market of the future". In his spare time Mathias likes to play golf, go skiing with his family or to improvise on his guitar.


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  • Jürgen Blume

    With more than 39 years of experience in the areas of pharmaceutical, medical and brand business, Jürgen Blume is well qualified to advise companies, particularly start-ups and medium-sized companies. Since 2000, he has focused on clinical research, regulatory affairs, KOL networking and quality management (GCP, GPV, EN 13485, EN 14971, EN 9001) and has personally implemented his expertise into various start-ups. Since 2001, Mr. Blume has been a lecturer at the Academy of Pharmacology in Bremen and the mibeg Institute of Medicine in Tübingen, on topics such as the approval of medicinal products, the conduction of clinical trials from phase 0 to IV or RA from CTA in addition to parallel advice and offering in-house seminars for the industry. Since 2006 he has worked in the capacity of deputy manager and manager of the Steinbeis Center for Medical Devices & Biotechnology (, At this institute he has been concentrating on the consultation and monitoring of SMEs in the above mentioned areas, as well as in pharmaceutical and pharmacological matters. The strategic advice from the preclinical phase to the admission fully complements his areas of expertise.
  • Deborah A. Landry

    Deborah A. Landry (, a California transplant born in Reading Pennsylvania, has been working as an editor, translator and writer in the field of medicine and medical technology for over 25 years. She has edited hundreds of manuscripts for researchers at medical schools at the universities of Berlin, Göttingen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Mainz, Munich, Würzburg and Ulm to mention a few, helping doctoral and post-doctoral authors get published in high-impact journals – many to achieve professorship. Her work in the medical writing and translation of publications and clinical trial dossiers for pharmaceutical giants and medium-sized companies spans the disciplines of anatomy, anesthesiology, dermatology, cardiology, evidence-based medicine, forensics, histology, nephrology, pathology, oncology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, radiology, surgery, transplantation medicine, virology. She lives by the motto “With a passion for language and a dedication to knowledge.”
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